Federal and White-Collar
Criminal Defense

And selected family law matters

The characteristics I value most are the
very same I apply to every representation.
Experience. Compassion. Integrity.

institutional knowledge
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As my client, you will have an ally who will provide you straightforward, honest, and actionable advice at every point in your case. Whether we are in negotiations, pretrial litigation in front of a judge, or trial before a jury, you can be sure I am fighting for you no matter what.

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Award-Winning Legal Counsel
Concentrating on federal matters before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia

Let my institutional knowledge and vast experience in this unique jurisdiction help you make the best impression possible to the bench, avoiding the many pitfalls the expedited docket and formal procedures of our Court can pose for litigants (and attorneys) unfamiliar with the court.

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22 Years of

Complex Criminal Defense Experience

My name is Lana Manitta, and for over two decades, I’ve provided top-notch criminal defense services to clients in Virginia and the District of Columbia. With me, you can expect compassion, honesty, and integrity every step of the way. I invest my heart and soul into my clients’ cases and do everything I can to get the best result possible.

As a solo practitioner, my clients are always the priority, and I am able to work with you to arrange payment plans and other flexible fee structures to ensure you have the representation you need and deserve at all stages of your case.

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